Trash talk: Should McDonald's diners clear their tables?

McDonald's messy table
(Vic Deals / Facebook)

Should you clean up the table after your meal at McDonald's? It's the question that's plagued generations of fast food lovers.

The debate has heated up again on a Victoria University students' Facebook group page, after one member posted a picture of a messy Maccas table on Tuesday morning.

"It ain't hard to put your sh*t in the bin after you're done eating," the member wrote.

McDonalds mess
(Vic Deals / Facebook)

Debate quickly ensued with some arguing staff are paid to clean it up, while others replied saying if staff are busy cleaning, food takes longer to make.

One former employee, Reiss Silva, suggested staff were happy to clean up after sloppy diners: "I worked at McDonald's for many years. As an employee we would look forward, could even say relish this situation as it would give us something to do."

Unite union member and fast food restaurant worker Josh Hart says staff are not specifically paid to clean up after customers.

He says the contract only states staff are responsible for keeping the restaurant tidy, and does not direct staff to clean up leftover meals.

"The way I was brought up was to clean up after yourself," he says.

"At home would you chuck food all over the floor?

"If you don't feel like cleaning up at least make sure it's tidy and on the tray."

Mr Hart says it would make the job a lot easier, and would save them time.

He says he's seen a lot of messy situations, including a customer ordering a frozen coke and deliberately tipping it on the floor.

In early 2016 hundreds of people shared their outrage and sympathy for McDonald's workers when Auckland photographer Tyler Russell posted photos on Facebook of a huge mess left behind at a Queen St restaurant.