Blue 'anti-wine' eyes NZ release

A controversial blue wine from Spain could be on its way to New Zealand, according to one of the creators.

Start-up company Gik created what's believed to be the world's first blue wine last year, out of regular red and white grapes, then coloured with organic dyes and sweeteners added to change the flavours.

Traditional wine connoisseurs have branded the drink as "blasphemy", telling those behind it to leave the sector, Gik says.

"Think of forgetting everything you knew about traditional drinks, try unlearn any previous concepts and get ready to lead yourself by your own rules," the creators say.

The "anti-wine" has seen success across the world, including the US and Malaysia.

Now it could be coming to New Zealand shores.

"We are working hard to get there as soon as possible, and we are still looking for the perfect distribution partner to do so," co-founder Aritz Lopez told the Morning Report.