Cheap international airfares will cost you in time

At a time when the cost of everything else seems to be going up - international travel continues to get cheaper, but at the cost of your time. 

On Thursday, through STA Travel, Auckland to London return flights with Philippine Airlines were going for as little as $979

"You're seeing the entry of low-cost carriers into a lot of these markets, and airfares have been trending down," aviation expert Irene King says. 

"And there's only one way they're going to go."

But saving dollar comes at a cost - time. 

A return flight to London in September with Philippine Airlines will set you back less than $1000, but there's a short stop over in Cairns, followed by a nine hour wait in Manila, before you finally arrive at Heathrow. 

The total travel time is 37 hours and 20 minutes. 

The cheapest Air New Zealand flight around the same dates will cost $2200, but with one stop over, it cuts back your travel time by 12 hours. 

House of Travel marketing director Ken Freer says it's down to the individual to decide at what expense they're willing to jetset.

"There are full service airlines that are offering amazing entertainment and food for just a few hundred dollars more, so customers need to consider what's right for them," Mr Freer told Newshub. 

Travellers spoke to today were indifferent about whether saving money is worth the hassle. 

"The stopovers represent a bit of a problem, so I'd probably go for less stopovers," one said. 

"I always look for the less expensive flights and stopping over a couple of times is fine."

"If it was a couple of hundred dollars, $200, well I'd think 'Yeah that's worth it" another told Newshub. 

Eight new international carriers have entered the New Zealand market in the last six months, with two more arriving by the end of June.

"It's more cost effective for airlines to fly here now, because the cost of jet fuel largely is a lot cheaper than it used to be," Ken Freer says. 

"We don't see that changing in the short term, so as long as the demand stays the same and the airlines keep flying here - we think these prices will stick around."