Double-whammy lottery win for Blenheim couple

Lotto ticket
The Blenheim couple say they're embarrassed by their luck because others are more deserving (file)

Graeme and Irene Percy have caught a second lucky break in a lottery, after winning nearly $14,000 from a Lotto ticket only two years after winning a new home in Taupo. 

The couple, who have fostered more than 90 children over the years, told Fairfax they've got plans for their winnings. 

"I'm a big believer in giving back to society for no other reason than getting satisfaction out of it," Mr Percy said. 

"It's impulse - if I see an old lady struggling to pay in the supermarket, I'll help pay for it."

The double-whammy win has the Blenheim couple in disbelief. While winning a Kinlock home was bittersweet, they're embarrassed by their Lotto luck and say others need it more. 

The Percys, married 43 years, won a Heart Foundation Lottery home in 2015, only weeks after their son suddenly died. The four-bedroom home, worth $500,000, was sold on so the couple could buy locally. 

Saturday's big win came from a ticket Graeme purchased for his wife's birthday - he bought one for himself as well, but it was Irene's ticket that won big in the second division. 

Mr Percy buys tickets every week, and will keep doing so for Saturdays to come.