Looking smart: Google, Levi's collaborate for 'interactive denim' jacket

It's an unlikely combination, but web-based media giant Google and US clothing company Levi's are hoping a new technology-laden jacket they've created together will take off.

Google announced in 2015 that it was keen to look into the prospect of interactive clothing - an idea that would see a person's normal attire fitted with technology that acted in a similar fashion to a touchscreen.

And now they've created it - the world's first 'smart' trucker jacket, which looks exactly like one of Levi's normal products but is embedded with a textile they're referring to as "interactive denim".

But the jacket won't come cheap, with an estimated pricetag of US$350 (NZ$505).

A specially-designed fabric is fitted into the jacket sleeves, which with different swiping gestures enables the owner to get directions, keep track of viable destinations along your journey, play music, and take and initiate calls.

Google developers programmed the fabric in the cuff to connect via Bluetooth with a mobile device - and once the electronic tag embedded in the sleeve is removed, it can be washed just like any other jacket.

Levi's says there are plans to introduce several more features in updated versions of their Jacquard jacket - and they've revealed that if it sells well in stores, they could introduce the technology in many more of their staple items.