Slice from heaven: Domino's reveals how drone deliveries will work

Domino's Pizza has revealed how its drone delivery system will work - and has also unveiled an Artificial Intelligence system called DRU that's designed to help customers place their orders.

In a video produced by the company, their new drone service Flirtey is revealed and shows pizzas being loaded and delivered to a house, in what they say is a "faster and safer" than a typical delivery service.

The drone, which is flown autonomously using a GPS tracking system, has an extendable wire cord that drops the Domino's Pizza package at one's door or another suitable place once it arrives at the address.

The company also showed off its brand new voice-activated assistant DRU, which will be incorporated into its online ordering system and will operate in a similar way to Apple's Siri.

The app will feature a messaging system that'll allow customers to text or speak to DRU (Dominos / Supplied)
The app will feature a messaging system that'll allow customers to text or speak to DRU (Dominos / Supplied)

DRU is described as a "transactional virtual assistant" that will allow customers to place their orders and find out about deals in a much more efficient manner than their previous system.

While still in a testing phase, there is a downloadable version that New Zealanders can use - though it is not a completed form so will not have all the same capabilities that it would in its official release.

Domino's New Zealand's general manager Scott Bush said DRU will also acquire knowledge that will help it "continue to learn and improve recognition skills from every customer experience".

"Allowing the beta to be open to the whole country means that DRU Assist will learn faster, and provide a better service for our customers," he said.

"Domino's plans to work with third party partners to integrate the DRU Assist platform into other devices and channels, including smart home devices  this is the way of the future."

The company has also revealed that it is planning on releasing a new service called 'Domino's Anywhere' that will allow customers to drop a location pin on a particular place rather than typing in an address.

It is hoped that will allow those wanting to order while at a beach or park to more accurately depict where they are expecting their delivery to take place.

More testing on drone delivery is being carried out in the second half of 2017, a press release from the company says.