This Kiwi stamp is worth more than what most Kiwis earn in a year

Mowbray Collectables New Zealand 3d HMS Vanguard stamp auction
It would take the average Kiwi well over a year to buy one (Supplied / Mowbray Collectables)

A Kiwi stamp has set a new world record - and it's worth more than the average Kiwi earns in a year.

Mowbray Collectables sold the New Zealand 3d HMS Vanguard stamp for NZ$67,850 at auction - the average New Zealand salary is around $49,000, according to 2015 Statistics NZ data.

The estimate was $25,000, however there was fierce bidding before the stamp was sold to an overseas buyer - easily breaking the previous world record of $31,050 for the 3d HMS Vanguard stamp.

The stamp was one of a set of four stamps to be issued for the 1949 Royal Tour to New Zealand and Australia by King George VI and the royal family.

Unfortunately, the Royal Tour had to be cancelled owing to the King's poor health.

All the stamps printed to mark this event were ordered to be destroyed by the New Zealand Post Office.

However, a few stamps were rescued from being burned in the furnace as they protruded from the furnace door.

It is believed that only seven such 3d HMS Vanguard stamps remain in the hands of the public.