Trump's 'America first' devastating for NZ - farmers

  • 04/03/2017
Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump's determination to promote American interests above all else could be devastating for New Zealand, says Federated Farmers president Dr William Rolleston.

Mr Trump is undermining a lot of work New Zealand has done to encourage free trade, he says.

He says Mr Trump appears to be going way beyond just rejecting participation in international free trade agreement negotiations like the Trans Pacific Partnership.

The report Mr Trump's administration sent to Congress last week outlined the intention to even go so far as to consider World Trade Organisation rulings as non-binding.

"This is extraordinary. If allowed to continue in this vein, it will undermine all the work we've done as a nation," Dr Rolleston says.

New Zealand had worked so hard, for so long, to get its products to more than 120 countries around the world, he said.

"If President Trump decides to use the might of the USA to bully their way out of trade agreements which were negotiated in good faith, and to be mutually beneficial to all parties, then New Zealand and many other countries could be severely compromised," he says.