Uber releases list of the things passengers forget

Uber has released its global Lost & Found Index - a set of lists that reveal the items people who use the app-based transport service most regularly leave behind.

The company has unveiled its most frequently forgotten items, which expectedly were phones, keys, rings, wallets and glasses - while purses, drivers' licenses, gloves, chargers and sunglasses cap off the top 10.

However, the more interesting stuff has proven to be not what is left behind every single day - but the most unique things Uber drivers have discovered in the back of their vehicles after finishing their shift.

Those items include the likes of lobsters, engagement rings, smoke machines, lasers and valuable Nordic walking poles - and that's certainly not all.

Other app users have left hot Cheetos, rose quartz, a set of pool sticks, a back massage device, an elf cut-out, and a vacuum cleaner - and at least one poor soul even left their paycheck on the back seat.

The company also revealed that people are most forgetful on Sundays - though that may be more likely to be in the early hours after a wild Saturday night out.

Users are least likely to forget their possessions on Wednesday, in the middle of the working week.

Bizarrely, the five most forgetful days of 2016 all occurred in the past three months of the year, with October 30, December 11, December 18, December 4 and November 20 the days where people left more things than any other.

Uber says Sundays are the days people are more inclined to leave wedding dresses behind, while Saturdays seem to attract forgotten plane tickets and Tuesdays, strangely, are the days when passengers tend to forget their swimsuits.