Heavy rain cripples New Zealand vegetable supply

  • 20/04/2017
Spinach green vegetable leaves

If you've noticed a lack of salad greens at your local supermarket, you're not alone. The recent wet weather has damaged green vegetable supply across New Zealand.

Spinach and other greens such as beans, broccoli, salads, silverbeet and lettuce are all in short supply, Foodstuffs spokesperson Antoinette Laird says.

"Customers may notice the retail price of these vegetables is higher than usual."

Suppliers to Foodstuffs' supermarkets Pak 'n Save and New World have had so much rain that entire fields were completely under water, and some crops cannot survive that, the company says.

Countdown supermarkets have also suffered from the weather conditions, and says spinach is in pretty short supply.

"There are definite challenges at the moment across a variety of fruit and veges around the country due to the weather; overall there is less supply available as produce is obviously highly susceptible to weather conditions," a Countdown spokesperson says.

Both supermarket chains have recommended cabbage as an affordable alternative.