Kendall Jenner, Parris Goebel slated for roles in controversial Pepsi ad

Kendall Jenner is under heavy fire after starring in a Pepsi advert choreographed by Kiwi Parris Goebel that appeared to appropriate a number of iconic protests.

In the ad, Jenner emerges from a photo shoot to join a demonstration for an unnamed cause - and upon much fanfare, she steps out in front of the crowd and gives a can of Pepsi to a policeman who is part of a blockade.

A woman is then seen perching down to capture a photo of the moment - presumably in an effort to make it appear poignant - before stepping back into the protest to high-fives and cheers.

But while the ad was supposed to be uplifting and inspiring, it's been just the opposite for many, who have derided it for undermining the courageous actions of people at protests of genuine historical significance.

Critics say Pepsi has drawn upon powerful images from the likes of 1967's Flower Power, 1989's Tiananmen Square and 2016's Black Lives Matter protests to sell their product.

Kiwi choreographer Parris Goebel, who was in charge of the dancing in the commercial, appeared to be totally unaware or at least indifferent to the controversy - writing on Instagram that she was "so proud" of it.

Kendall Jenner too seemed unfazed by the hullabaloo around the commercial, posting on Instagram about her role and a few days ago saying she was "excited" about its release.