Behind the KitKats: Top chocolatier reveals trade secrets

Chocoholics have had the unique opportunity to design and create their own flavours of KitKat bars in Auckland this week.

Connie Yuen works at the KitKat Chocolatory boutique in Melbourne, where people can create their own chocolate bars.

"It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it," she laughs.

Ms Yuen has travelled to Auckland to teach a selected few masterclasses, which let people create their own KitKats.

She says that while people could try and re-create the bar at home, they would never be able to get the same wafers as the originals - and for this chocolate loving gal, that's the secret ingredient.

"You'd be missing the amazing wafers and it just won't taste the same," she says.

KitKats are made by sprinkling the 'inclusions' with little pieces of delicious ingredients, filling the mould with chocolate, pressing in the wafers, smoothing out the chocolate and then covering it in toppings.

They even set in just over an hour so you can be munching on your creation pretty quickly.

So what is Ms Yuen's favourite combination?

"My favourite is probably mint, raspberry and meringue," she says - but also notes the sweet and salty combination of pretzels and chocolate is also delicious.

The most popular combinations from the Melbourne boutique have been turned into flavours that are now available on supermarket shelves: Mint Cream and Cookie Smash, Caramel Burst, Sea Salt and Espresso, and Biscuit Ganache.