Free avocadoes promised with purchase of Brisbane home

Smashed avocado on toast brunch (Getty)
The deal offers one free avo on toast each weekend for a year (Getty / file)

In New Zealand, millennials are being told to give up their smashed avocado on toast so they can afford their first home.

But in Australia, you can have your house and your brunch too.

Several new townhouses in southwest Brisbane are being offered with an attractive lure - priced at around AU$595,000 (NZ$639,150), buyers can also get a year's supply of free avocado on toast, once a weekend at a local café.

With skyrocketing house prices in both New Zealand and Australia, young potential buyers have been urged to save for a deposit by quitting their extravagant brunches.

Ray White real estate agent Cameron Crouch told AAP the new marketing student is targeted at the younger generation.

In particular, it's a response to a column published last year in The Australia, which said young buyers are struggling to afford homes because of their brunching habits.

"I'm part of that generation and it was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek response to that column," Mr Crouch told AAP.

"It's about being able to get a nice property but still have that lifestyle."

The deal offers one free avo on toast each weekend, at a local café of the buyer's choice, for a year, paid for by the developers.

But it may be too late to take advantage of the deal - Mr Crouch said the response has been overwhelming and the development has almost sold out.