Qantas CEO gets cream pie to face during speech

The head honcho of Australian airline Qantas has had a cream pie pushed into his face during a business breakfast at the Hyatt Hotel in Perth.

Alan Joyce, who was the primary speaker at the West Business Leadership Matters event, was forced to cut his speech short when an older gentleman came up from behind and planted the pie square in his face.

The audience, which numbered more than 500, went silent - and Mr Joyce had to halt his speech to say "I don't know what that was about" before leaving to clean the cream off his face.

Mr Joyce was reportedly only three minutes into speaking when the man emerged onto the stage with the pie. The man was said to have exited calmly after undertaking the act, and was sitting calmly in the hotel's foyer when security caught up with him.

Mr Joyce later emerged with a clean face to continue his speech, receiving applause from those at the breakfast for pushing on.

It is not yet known why the man, who is believed to be in his 60s or 70s, committed the offence. It is also not known whether he will be prosecuted for his actions.