Radio survey: MediaWorks Radio remains most popular network

Jono, Sharyn, Ben
Edge Afternoons hosts Jono, Sharyn and Ben (The Edge)

Newly released radio survey results show MediaWorks Radio remains the most popular radio network in New Zealand, with 2,262,100 listeners every week across its nine brands.

It's an increase of 53,200 since November 2016 and makes up 51.4 percent of New Zealand's radio-listening audience, the GfK Total New Zealand Commercial Radio Survey reveals.

For Kiwis in the 25-54 age group, The Edge, The Rock, More FM and The Breeze are New Zealand's favourite commercial stations.

Overall, Mediaworks' breakfast shows are attracting more than 1.5 million listeners, making up 60.9 percent of New Zealand's total commercial listeners tuning in between 6-9am.

The Edge, The Rock and More FM took out first, second and third place in the afternoon category.

For a third year running, Mai FM is Auckland's most popular music station.

Mediaworks' music radio content director Leon Wratt says he's most happy seeing the success of Jono and Ben with Sharyn on The Edge's afternoon show, amongst the many wins.

"We are thrilled to remain the most popular radio network in the country - and that we hold on to the top three spots across breakfast and drive nationally.

"Mai FM is continuing to be a monster - massive in Auckland," he said.

There's also been success for Mediaworks Radio online, with 125,000 downloads of the Rova streaming app since its launch in January. The app is seeing more than 700,000 streams per month.

"We've had a really good pick-up on it, and that's what radio needs to be doing," Mr Wratt says.

"I'm really happy with where it's at. It's helping people stay in touch with radio as a medium, which is really important for the future."

The mobile app offers access to all Mediaworks entertainment radio stations, including The Edge, The Edge TV, The Rock, More FM, The Breeze, The Sound, Mai, George FM, RadioLIVE and Magic.