Terrifying Auckland haunted house promo goes global

A promotional video for an Auckland amusement park has surpassed all expectations, with 43 million Facebook users viewing it in less than four days.

The video - which was produced by Spookers, a haunted house attraction in the south Auckland suburb of Kingseat - has gone global after it was posted at 8pm on Friday night.

It shows the park's actors playing their various frightening roles as another employee comes past filming them - and the caption urges viewers to "tag someone who couldn't make it to the end of the hallway".

That's likely to be the secret to the video's success - with the clip garnering more than 383,000 comments and 663,000 shares, all of which resulted in the video's reach being expanded further.

"OMFG!! We are beyond stoked!" they commented on their video on Saturday, days before it rose to the heights it's now at.

"We would like to thank you! Last night's video that was posted went viral because of you guys sharing, commenting and liking it like crazy!"

The comment came with an offer allowing people to visit the attraction for $20 less than normal on Saturday night, if they could prove they shared the video to their personal Facebook page.

Spookers is based on the grounds of Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital - a venue widely considered to be one of New Zealand's most haunted thanks to more than 100 reports of supernatural activity there.