How to get the cheapest international flights

The most memorable parts of an overseas holiday usually revolve around things like a cocktail by a tropical beach, or taking a stroll through ancient ruins.

But before you can get to the point of relaxation, you first have to endure the stress of actually booking your tickets.

It turns out certain days are better on your wallet than others when it comes to booking flights. If you can be flexible on when you fly and where you are going, you could also find yourself saving hundreds.

If you are after an upgrade, smart clothes and a smile will only take you so far. To improve your chances of getting that lie flat bed and a glass of Dom Pérignon, then you need to belong to the frequent flyer programme of the main airline you are travelling with.

If that still doesn’t work, the next time you are in the U.S or Europe, you can always take a class at the “Frequent Traveler University”. Where, for a cost, they will look to show you how to make the most from your air points.