Kiwi farmers claim creation of low-carb potatoes

Potatoes are an integral part of a Kiwi diet, whether mashed up or sliced into chips, but there's always been a very distinct issue with them: they're not particularly healthy.

But now some New Zealand farmers have invented a new kind of potato they claim has 40 percent less carbs.

Farmer Andrew Keeney told Three's The Project that the Lotato, as it's been called, is grown in Pukekohe and Ohakune, and created by cross-breeding other varieties.

"Initially these potatoes were bred by their parents for the fact they were flavoursome, they were good-looking and an appealing-looking potato, and as a natural result we ended up with a low-carb, low-calorie potato," he said.

Mr Keeney said they're an "all-purpose" potato, suitable for any part of the plate - boiled, mashed, roasted, or fried.

And the Lotato was created because people were shifting towards healthier options.

"There was really a clear need for a low-carb potato option. It's very similar to other trends you're seeing around low sugar and less fat, and low carbs fits that box as well," Mr Keeney said.

It's gotten a ringing endorsement from comedian Jeremy Corbett during a taste-test on The Project.

"I would eat those. Not bad, I'd go those," he said.