Passenger booted from Ryanair flight after harassing staffer until she cried

The Ryanair staffer.
The Ryanair staffer. Photo credit: YouTube

A boarding attendant for budget airline Ryanair was viciously abused until she cried by a would-be passenger at Belgium's Brussels Airport, after she asked him to pay an unforeseen cost.

The passenger posted footage of the incident to YouTube in an attempt to prove he was treated differently because of his skin colour. The video's caption said "mob tendencies" from Europeans towards dark-skinned people are "alive and well".

However the passenger's video backfired horribly, implicating him as the one who should be shamed - and the comments section was so filled with vitriolic remarks towards him that he eventually disabled them.

In the clip, the passenger tells the Ryanair staffer, referred to only as Sabrina, that he is "unhappy with the way you're performing your job" and asks to speak to her supervisor.

"What's funny?" he asks her at one point. "Is it your attitude? That's the only thing that's funny.

"It stinks. You have a bad attitude. You have no business working here dealing with customers."

Earlier, he told Sabrina that she shouldn't be the one providing training to new staff members because she doesn't "treat customers with respect".

"You're training your trainees to treat your customers disrespectfully, Sabrina. What kind of trainer are you? Hm? What kind of customer service do you think you're providing for Ryanair right now?" he interrogates.

After at least three-and-a-half minutes of near-constant verbal abuse, another passenger then confronts him.

"Sir, stop harassing her now," he demands firmly. "You are harassing her! Go somewhere else, man. You're disturbing everybody!"

"Shut up, baldy," he responds, before ripping into him with a swathe of personal insults.

"Tell her to print my boarding pass, fatso. Get on a treadmill, man. Go run a lap. Go on a diet, man. Who the hell are you? Go sit down, fatso. Rest your belly.

"You need a break, you out-of-shape, donut-eating, bald piece of crap."

Eventually a sales manager makes his way over to address the altercation, but despite his best efforts to stop his anger escalating to fever pitch he was unsuccessful.

A spokesperson from Brussels airport said the flight from to Berlin, Germany left on time, while the unruly passenger did not travel on the flight and was reported to police.