BurgerFuel's tissue tins deemed too sexy

BurgerFuel burger.
BurgerFuel burger. Photo credit: Facebook/BurgerFuel

A New Zealand burger chain has been slammed by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for using "sexually explicit" images.

BurgerFuel's serviette tins feature "two pin-up style women back to back wearing only knee-high fishnet tights, one holding a cleaver and one holding a knife", the authority said in a ruling on Friday afternoon.

More than one complainant said the images objectified women, had nothing to do with burgers, and were not appropriate for a family restaurant.

BurgerFuel argued the women were dressed in a way "similar to that seen in everyday society", and denied it was using sex to advertise its food.

The ASA thought otherwise, saying as a burger restaurant, kids and families would be exposed to the "sexualised imagery".

The ASA has no power to ban advertisements, but says compliance with its rulings is generally "excellent".