Cheap supermarket gin rated best in the world

Cheap supermarket gin rated best in the world
Photo credit: Aldi

A cheap supermarket chain has won gold for its home brand gin at a prestigious alcohol competition, beating reputed brands like Gordon's, Beefeater and Bombay Sapphire.

A bottle of the gin costs less than NZ$20 and is produced by discount supermarket chain Aldi.

Aldi's Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin won the gold medal at the International Wine and Spirits Challenge (IWSC), beating gins that cost twice or even three times the price. It was one of the 20 medals awarded to the supermarket, as well as the title 'Supermarket Own Brand Spirits Range of the Year'.

Aldi has stores in 18 countries and is popular in Australia, but they don't have any stores in New Zealand.

An IWSC spokesperson said Aldi "consistently showcased high quality products in the blind tastings, which demonstrates that you don't have to compromise on price to enjoy great tasting drinks," The Hook reports.

Aldi co-director of corporate buying Tony Baines said "receiving medals for our spirits is a fantastic achievement and it is great to see our spirits range being praised so highly by experts".

"Being awarded a title such as 'Supermarket Own Brand Spirits Range of the Year' is something that not only reflects the quality of our products but also the hard work that our UK based buying team put into drinks retailing every single day."