New Zealand named 'stand out' in digital competitiveness

Harvard Business Review has created a map of our digital planet and has ranked 60 countries in their rate of digital evolution.

The map measured each country's digital state of evolution and it's pace of evolution overtime.

New Zealand named 'stand out' in digital competitiveness

New Zealand has been named as one of three 'stand out' countries alongside Singapore and United Arab Emirates.

'Stand out' countries are considered "highly digitally advanced and exhibit high momentum".

It also recognised that small country size and strong government policy leads to high-performing digital sector.

However it observed it is challenging to sustain a consistently high momentum over a longer period of time.

The Digital Evolution Index began in 2015 to trace the emergence of a "digital planet," how physical interactions in communications, social and political exchange, commerce, media and entertainment  are being displaced by digitally mediated ones.

Social media presenter Shannon Redstall spoke to Eric Young.

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