Thames workers left in limbo after A&G Price shuts

Around 100 Thames workers who lost their jobs on Wednesday have no idea whether they'll be paid out.

The engineering company they worked for has shut its doors and their union says the lack of communication is very disappointing.

The loss of A&G Price is a big blow for the town and on Thursday, with heavy hearts and hangovers, workers returned to the building to pick up tools and personal belongings.

For those workers, the shock job loss is still sinking in.

"I have a mortgage and a baby on the way," worker Jordan Clothier told Newshub.

"My alarm went off... but there's nothing to do," Lewes Aldrich said.

They don't know whether they'll get any wages or holiday pay, and their union is unhappy with how it all happened.

Founded by the Price brothers 149 years ago, the engineering workshop is a big part of Thames and New Zealand history.

It made the bulbs for keels on the Americas Cup yachts in 1995 and 2000, and also made the lattice work on the front of Wellington's Supreme Court.

"It's a huge impact on our community. I mean you're talking about 90-100 jobs and families - that's families that are affected, and so that's a big part of our community," Mayor Sandra Goudie told Newshub.

Liquidator Ecovis KGA has been appointed by the factory's owners.

They say they're seeking expressions of interest in the hope of selling the business as a going concern, and possibly reducing the impact of job losses.

On a slightly brighter note, 20 businesses have expressed interest in taking on some of the laid-off workers.

WINZ has also organised sessions on Friday to give advice on seeking work and financial assistance.

But any jobs will probably be out of town, and this loss is another blow to New Zealand's once proud manufacturing industry.