The Breeze makes a jump among New Zealand's favourite music radio stations

  • 06/07/2017
The Breeze
Photo credit: Newshub.

Easy listening radio station The Breeze has claimed a big win for commercial share and joined The Edge as New Zealand's favourite music stations in the latest Commercial Radio Survey results.

For the first time, The Breeze took 8.2 percent of commercial share - joining The Edge, The Rock and More FM to make up four of the most popular five music radio stations across the country.

Overall the results show MediaWorks Radio has increased in popularity across New Zealand - now reaching 2,274,600 listeners every week on-air and online.

The Edge holds its title as New Zealand's most popular radio station with 647,200 listeners. The Breeze is second place with 521,600. Since May its listenership has jumped by 15,500.

RadioLive has also seen strong growth, with listenership up for Mark Sainsbury's Morning Talk and Ali Mau's Drive shows.

MediaWorks group content director for music Leon Wratt says the result is great after hard work and some changes from the team behind The Breeze, including a new breakfast show in Hawke's Bay which debuted at number one.

"We're really happy with the latest survey results and what our team has achieved. It's important to remember that radio is more than just listening.

"Radio is about connectivity and having authentic conversations with our audiences. We are engaging with our listeners multiple times a day across different platforms and whether that's via digital, social media, events or on-air, we always come back to the core goal of connecting with New Zealanders everywhere."

He says the company is looking for consistent improvement and always looking for places to improve. "It's like you're in an America's Race every day, trying to get on those foils."

The launch of the Rova app has been brilliant, he says, with Polly and Grant's news show getting off to a roaring start.

"They're getting great feedback, with people happy they can tune in any time.

"It meant that we have to do it in a slightly different approach but Polly and Grant have taken to it like ducks to water."