More than 1 million KiwiSavers missing out on free cash

  • 30/08/2017
More than $300m in free cash is going begging.
More than $300m in free cash is going begging. Photo credit: Getty

A new survey shows more than a million KiwiSaver members are missing out on free cash every year.

The survey, of 2000 people by Inland Revenue, shows many KiwiSaver members are losing out on the Government contribution of $521.43 every year because they are not putting in enough themselves.

The IRD research shows almost half the people in the scheme hadn't heard of the credit and didn't realise they could receive the free money if they contributed enough.

David Boyle from the Commission for Financial Capability says investing any size payment will see a credit return - but contributing $20 per week will make KiwiSavers eligible for the full amount from the Government.

But many just don't save anything at all.

"Particularly if they're non-workers or they're in a situation where they don't have disposable funds to invest - but anything that you can contribute is going to give you a 50 percent return on each dollar that you put into KiwiSaver, up to $1043," Mr Boyle said.

Just over $300 million was unclaimed because some KiwiSaver members didn't meet the $1042.86 contribution threshold.