Pipfruit changes name to avoid confusion

  • 03/08/2017
There was confusion with the previous name. Photo credit: Getty

The country's apple and pear industry has a new name.

What was Pipfruit New Zealand is now New Zealand Apples and Pears Inc, after a unanimous decision at the organisation's annual meeting in Napier.

Chief executive Alan Pollard says the aim is to engage with a wider audience and tell people exactly what the industry is about.

He says there was some confusion with the previous name, with some people thinking the organisation also represented fruit like as mandarins, lemons and oranges.

"We can now more easily tell our story and people will know exactly what we grow and market," he said.

In combined apple and pear exports, apples are the dominant partner with a 96 percent share.

Mr Pollard said the apple sector, having doubled exports in the past four years, continued to grow as it targeted $1 billion in export returns by 2022.