Qantas to announce 20-hour non-stop flights - reports

Australian airline Qantas is expected to announce 20-hour non-stop flights from Sydney to London by 2022.

However that is dependent on whether manufacturers Airbus or Boeing can provide an aircraft to meet the demands of the route.

A source speaking to Reuters said the flight will fly across the northern polar route instead of across Asia and Europe to get to its destination because of the benefit of tailwinds in that direction.

The source added the return leg from London to Sydney would most likely take the more traditional route across Europe and Asia down to Australia.

According to Reuters, the non-stop route will cut at least three hours of travel time as passengers won't have to stop off along the way.

Analysts estimate Qantas could sell tickets at a 20 percent premium because of that non-stop convenience. 

The announcement is expected when the airline releases its annual results on Friday.