Are you down with unethically sourced puffer jackets?

Congrats to everyone who made it through another harsh New Zealand winter. And if you're in the South Island, certainly, that was probably thanks to one our finest puffer jackets. 

The puffer knows no demographic boundary - from rugby players, to active wearers, to university students. We're a proud nation of puffer jacket owners, but Three's The Project did some investigating into the source.

It's the inside of the puffer jacket that does all the hard work, but have you ever thought about where all that lovely down comes from? 

Celebrity vegan endorser Alicia Silverstone has spoken out about her commendation of puffer jackets in the past, saying, "There's an industry that abuses animals that most haven't heard about until now. It includes geese and ducks." 

Unless your jackets comes with a certified down standard, there's a good chance it comes from a bird that is plucked again and again, sometimes four times a year. 

But here in New Zealand the good guys are plentiful - Kathamndu, Macpac, North Face and Huffer all source their down from certified happy geese. 

Watch the video for the full story.