Kiwi app Kwota launches for 'literally anything you need doing'

Kiwi app launches
The app is available on Apple and Android Photo credit: Facebook

A work outsourcing app started by local entrepreneur Michael Batty is finding rapid success.

Named Kwota, the app is a listing service for odd jobs in your area and is useable anywhere in the country.

Users post jobs, and any individuals or businesses that can do the job will 'bid' for the work, offering whatever price they're willing to charge.

The workers are then given star ratings by their employers, which are visible to other users.

In the ten days since launch, Kwota has garnered over a 1000 registered users and 1400 followers on Facebook.

One users experience of Kwota
One users experience of Kwota Photo credit: Facebook

Mr Batty told Newshub that the idea came to him around eight months ago when he was helping his friends renovate a house.

"My mate was stuck on the phone all arvo, talking to blind fitters for quotes and I thought 'it'd be better if the blind fitters came to him'."

Mr Batty says there are no limits on how you use the app.

"Anyone can post literally anything they need doing, your imagination is the limit."

Popular tasks outsourced on the app can range from housecleaning and gardening, to online blog support and office admin.

Mr Batty said there was even a job for a life-drawing class model, with the worker receiving five stars for his effort.