Lotto's $30m prize will be split among 10 'great friends'

Several days after winning Lotto's $30 million Powerball, a syndicate of 10 women have come forward to claim their haul.

The prize was won on Saturday in Taupo, prompting hundreds of hopeful customers to flock to the Richmond Superette to see if it was them.

The new multi-millionaires - and good friends - have now come forward to claim their prize of $3,025,000 each.

One of the winners, who wishes to be known only as Tina, told Newshub the syndicate had been together and playing Lotto regularly for five years.

"It was the best that it's 10 of us and we're such good mates. We started it in Dunedin, we're now all across the country, but we kept it up and we kept that friendship."

Tina said she took a while to come forward, because she wanted to get "all of the girls together on the same page" first.

"The joy I got… the best joy was ringing my mates and saying 'guess what, we've cracked it - we have won $30 million'."

But Tina says despite the win being "life-changing", she doesn't intend quitting her job in the dental industry.

"I myself am happy to continue working. I love my job, I work in a fabulous practise, so I'm staying.

"They're all totally normal people that want to help their families and have that freedom that this has brought. Honestly, there's no extravagance going on - it's business as usual."

But Lotto's communications advisor Kirsten Robinson says "it's massive".

"This is the third-largest Powerball prize ever to be won in New Zealand and for it to be shared by a syndicate of 10 players is just amazing.

"We're just so thrilled that such a large prize is being shared so many ways. It's amazing."

Ms Robinson says they're "delightful winners" to work with.

"Just celebrating and having a great time… they're going to be amazing."