Apple allegedly fires employee after iPhone preview goes viral

Apple has reportedly sacked one of its smartphone engineers, after his daughter shot a video of the unreleased iPhone 10 that went viral.

The YouTube leak, showing the hands-on experience, was quickly removed, and replaced with a tearful apology and explanation. 

Brooke Peterson's fad, Ken Bauer, is paying a hefty price for breaking a strict violation of Apple company rules. 

The vlog, which has now been deleted from her channel, included a tour of the site and her father showing off Apple's latest gadget. 

"Dad has the new iPhone 10," she said in her vlog. "Are people calling it the iPhone 10... ok, it's not the X, it's the 10."

She says the decision to allow his daughter to film and post the video has cost him his job.

One Apple product blogger called Brooke's leak "probably our best look yet at the device in action".

"Apple really did like my Dad but they let him go because he broke a rule," Ms Peterson says.

Newshub has approached Apple for comment, but they're yet to respond. 

A similar incident occurred in 2005, when Microsoft fired an employee, after his son leaked photos of the unreleased Xbox 360 online.

"My advice to people out there is to not overlook rules when you're at school and when you're at home," Ms Peterson says.

It's a timely reminder to think through the consequences, when posting content to the worldwide web.