Domino's customers fear spammers have hacked their data

Domino's pizza box
Domino's pizza box. Photo credit: Newshub

If you've ordered a pizza lately, you may be getting more than you bargained for.

Domino's pizza eaters around the country fear their personal details, used to book online, have been hacked from the fast-food outlet's database and passed on to spammers.

Last year, Luke Chandler ordered a pizza from at Mt Maunganui store, using the moniker 'Professor Chandler'.

"That was the only time I used that particular combination of data," he says.

Recently, he began receiving unsolicited promotional material addressed to "Professor" and asking if he was in Mt Maunganui. That was a red flag that something was amiss.

Through social media, Mr Chandler, from Christchurch, has since communicated with several others who have received similar personally addressed emails from "Sarah".

Domino's has reassured Mr Chandler and other customers that it is investigating the breach, which may have come from a former supplier that it has not used since July.

It has reassured customers that they do not need to change email or password details on the company's app, but they should not click through any links on the spam emails.

"Domino's takes the security and privacy of customer information seriously, and there is no evidence to suggest that there has been unauthorised access to Domino's systems," it announced on Monday. 

"Domino's acted quickly to contain the information when it became aware of the issue and has commenced a detailed review process.

"The company has put in place immediate steps to prevent this from re-occurring and is working with industry best cyber-security professionals to protect customer information and further enhance the security of its platforms."

Concerned customers can call Domino's on 0800 29 20 00 for more information.

The Privacy Commissioner's office said it was not policy to disclose which companies had reported breaches, but publishes advice for consumers who fear their data may have been compromised.