Fruit producer selling 'low-fat' avocado

Fruit producer selling 'low-fat' avocado
Photo credit: Isla Bonita

A new low-fat, low-calorie avocado is being rolled out by a Spanish company, which is calling the product 'Avocado Light'.

The diet avocado has been introduced by the brand Isla Bonita, and is naturally grown.

It reportedly tastes the same as an ordinary avocado, but has 30 percent less fat than the avocados in a typical supermarket.

The grower also claims that its product stays ripe longer than a traditional avocado.

There are no immediate plans to sell the 'Avocado Light' outside of the Spanish market, but a diet avocado called SlimCado is being produced in Florida in the United States.

The SlimCado has been described as having a lighter texture and a buttery taste.

However, nutritionists aren't likely to be on board the avocado diet fad. Avocado is widely renowned for containing 'good fat', the monounsaturated kind that helps to lower blood cholesterol and keep people fuller for longer.