Genesis Energy's $1.20 cheque baffles customers

Genesis Energy's $1.20 cheque baffles customers
Photo credit: Faezeh Mhrg / Facebook

Customers of energy company Genesis have been left perplexed after being delivered an apparent cheque for $1.20.

Photos of the cheque and an attached letter have been shared on the Genesis Facebook page, asking for an explanation.

The cheque reads "not legal tender", meaning it can't be cashed at a bank.

In the attached letter, Genesis explains $1.20 is the cost of an hour's power.

"But it's not the amount that's significant; it's what it represents: a future where you'll not only buy energy, but make it, store it and sell it back to us," the letter reads.

The $1.20 can be either cashed in online, as a free hour of power, or donated to School-gen, an initiative which helps schools generate their own electricity.

But now the company is being criticised for sending out the letters in the first place.

"How much did it cost to send a $1.20 'cheque' to all your customers?" one customer commented on Facebook.

"Can you please not waste paper, ink and the time of all the posties who had to physically deliver all those letters SMH [shake my head]."

The letters arrived not long after Auckland-based Entrust sent out its own cheques with its annual dividend, to the tune of $350, which could be cashed at a regular bank.