Japanese designers woo cat lovers with miniature furniture

Cat bed
Cat bed by Tateno Mokuzai. Photo credit: Supplied

As if your cat isn't already pampered enough, here's an idea to make their life just a little more purr-fect…

Japanese furniture consortium Okawa Kagu, based in Fukuoka, has produced a range of cat furniture, designed to make your feline feel like the master of their domain.

The new campaign, entitled "craftsman MADE", springs from the internet's infatuation with cats and offers specialised cat-sized pieces that are simply scaled-down miniature versions of human-sized furniture.

Initially, it consists of a pinewood sofa from Hiromatsu Furniture and dark wood cat bed, produced by Tateno Mokuzai.

So far, no prices have been attached to these items, but with Christmas approaching, they promise to be in high demand among pet lovers around the world.