Auckland's most expensive street revealed

  • 20/11/2017

Does living with mere million-dollar properties for neighbours no longer cut it? Is seven-figure real estate no longer enough?

Auckland's most exclusive and superrich-friendly street has been revealed after the Auckland Council released its new property valuations on Monday.

By breaking down each house's value by its geographical location, it's possible to calculate Auckland's most expensive streets to live on.

Cremorne Street in Herne Bay is the most costly street to buy property, according to its median values.

Based on its 14 properties, it would cost you $6.3m to grab a slice of paradise. The most expensive house, 12 Cremorne St, is now valued at $24.5m.

It's the 16th year in a row Cremorne St has clung to the top, after beating out Parnell's Crescent Rd in 2001.

The second-most expensive street is Stack Street, also in Herne Bay, with a median value of $5.6m spread across its seven properties.

Remuera's Westbury Crescent is third on $5.35m. Omana Ave in Epsom is fourth with 20 properties valued at a median of $4.9m.

Finally, Parnell's Judge St is fifth on $4.8m.

But there's good news for Auckland's struggling wage slaves. Lotto's Powerball has now hit a $38m jackpot this Wednesday - enough to buy yourself two, or even three houses among your new rich friends.