Black Friday rumbles across the US

  • 25/11/2017

Videos shared across social media this weekend show shoppers going to great lengths for savings.

As Thanksgiving passes in the United States, attention has turned to the next big event on the festive calendar: Black Friday sales.

Traditionally the sales provide shoppers with the chance to get cut-price bargains, and often feature scenes of mass disorder as customers battle - literally - for discounted goods.

This year is no different. Videos posted on social media show customers violently rushing towards goods and engaging in tugs-of-war over boxes.

Twitter users posted scenes of shoppers bursting into stores and crawling over each other, as displays go flying in the hurry to find a good deal.

One video shows a pair arguing over a large box and trying to wrestle it from each other's arms.

However it's not all so rambunctious, with some shops experiencing a slight dip in customers compared to their competitors.

It could not be confirmed whether all of the clips were from 2017.