Christmas shopping? Why you should keep the receipt

  • 26/11/2017
Santa checks his receipts, just in case.
Santa checks his receipts, just in case. Photo credit: Getty

With one month to go until Christmas, consumer group Retail NZ is urging Kiwi shoppers to keep their heads as the festive shopping frenzy breaks out around them.

This includes remembering their consumer rights, shopping carefully and keeping receipts from any purchases made in case anything goes wrong.

There are a number of protections granted to shoppers buying from a New Zealand stores or websites as covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act and Fair Trading Act, Retail NZ general manager for public affairs Greg Harford said.

"This means that if the product is faulty, then you can take it back to the retailer and have the problem sorted out," he said.

"[But], consumers can't expect their local retailer to fix issues with products they didn't sell in the first place, so it is really essential to keep proof of purchase, despite the temptation to throw away receipts."

Retailers, on the other hand, are not legally obliged to exchange a product simply because a shopper has changed their mind and no longer wants it.

"So it's a great idea to choose wisely before making a purchase and, if you're buying a gift, ask whether the store offers an exchange card programme," he said.