New iPhones' 'strongest glass ever' does not live up to expectations

  • 04/11/2017
An iPhone 8 after being dropped from different heights.
An iPhone 8 after being dropped from different heights. Photo credit: Youtube/JerryRigEverything

Apple's claim that new iPhones will have their strongest glass ever is being tested by consumers as the new phones hit the market.

It has being found that while the phone makers say the iPhone glass is the strongest ever, consumers are having different results.

YouTube user Zack Nelson put the new glass to the test, dropping a new iPhone 8 from several different heights to see if it was damaged.

Dropping the phone from three feet produced a small crack, but dropping from the waist height, shoulder height and above his head Mr Nelson was able to severely damage the phone and crack the screen.

"I think it's pretty safe to say that whatever Apple says about their most durable glass ever, glass is glass and it's going to break if it's dropped," he says.

Considering the glass does still break, consumers would hope repair costs are cheap, but Apple is charging up to $790 to repair glass on the new phones.

To get an iPhone 8 repaired the screen will cost US$149 (NZ$215), while the back will cost US$ 349 (NZ$505). It gets more expensive for the iPhone 8 Plus, however, with the front glass costing US$169 (NZ$244) to replace and rear US$399 (NZ$577).

The price to replace the screen on the iPhone X model is raising the most eyebrows, with the cost of US$279 (NZ$403) to replace the front screen and US$549 (NZ$795) to replace the back glass.

Even with the addition of AppleCare insurance the screen replacement will cost US$99 (NZ$143).

iPhone fans in China have also found the screens are easy to crack, with pictures on social media showing shattered screens on the brand new iPhone X.