Property CVs: Giant jump for Auckland's rich and famous

Auckland Council has released its new property valuations on Monday - the first since 2014.

The new capital evaluations will mint new millionaires across the city - while those looking to buy face an increasingly desperate stretch.

But whether you're pouring the champagne or crying into your avocado toast, Newshub takes a peek at how the properties of the rich and famous have fared.

Jacinda Ardern

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's house has made her a property millionaire. Ms Ardern's Pt Chev house has skyrocketed to a new CV of $1,120,000.

This includes a land value of $960,000 and improvements worth $160,000.

In 2014, the capital value was $770,000, with a land value of $600,000 and $170,000.


Kiwi superstar singer and millionaire Lorde's house has increased by nearly $1m since its last valuation.

Ms Yelich-O'Connor's Auckland villa is now worth a staggering $2,850,000. The land alone is worth $1,925,000.

This compares to its 2014 valuation of $1,900,000, when the land was worth $1,180,000 - an increase of $745,000.

Lorde has admitted her acquisition had likely played a small role in making it more difficult for young people to get on the property ladder.

"I'm definitely part of that problem, I think," she told US comedian Marc Maron. "I bought a house for the last two years. It's hard for young people to buy houses and to rent."

Fortunately, her singing success has earned her the money to pay for the rates. The cost for 2017 and 2018 is $5,671.81 per year. Ouch.

Kim Dotcom

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom's former rented mansion in Coatesville has increased in a Powerball jackpot-level jump.

The 12-bedroom house had a rateable value of $23.55 million in 2014, and sold in 2016 after four months on the market. It's now worth an eyewatering $33m.

Property CVs: Giant jump for Auckland's rich and famous

The mansion was the infamous site of the controversial early-morning police raid on Mr Dotcom in 2012.

The sprawling home features a tennis court, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, water features and manicured parkland, on a 22-hectare section.

And you'll need to be a millionaire to afford the rates. They're assessed at $49,557.09 in 2018.

Winston Peters

The New Zealand First leader's villa has received a new valuation of $3.3m - an increase in value of $650,000 since 2014.

The five-bedroom house in St Mary's Bay now has a land value of $2.4m, and improvements worth $900,000. 

John Key

Former Prime Minister John Key reportedly sold most of his sprawling Parnell property to a buyer in China for around $20 million in 2017.

Mr Key and wife Bronagh kept only around 650 square metres of the original 2340 square-metre site. It's believed the couple are planning to build a smaller house where the tennis court currently sits.

His address's valuation is still hidden - and it's not clear how much Mr Key could add to his wealth if he chose to sell what's left.


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