Sky World owner says he's cooperating with Auckland council

The owner of the Sky World entertainment complex in central Auckland is reassuring the public the building is safe.

Thousands pass through the centre every day, yet its warrant of fitness expired in August last year and at one stage the council issued a dangerous building notice.

The owner of Sky World is James Kwak. Auckland Council describes him as "fairly disengaged and unresponsive".

Mr Kwak says he is now cooperating with the council on the building's future.

"We are cooperating with the council from time to time and we are seriously cooperation now."

That is because Sky World's building warrant of fitness expired in August 2016 and council is considering legal action.

Last December the council issued a "dangerous building notice" because it wanted smoke detectors in the cinemas tested.

Sky World's lawyer's says the public was never in danger.

"Upon the dangerous building notice being issued we did fully cooperate with the council of their measures," says JNJ Holdings lawyer Jay Park.

Sky World is a complex building that 12,000 people visit a day to eat, go to the movies, and play 10-pin bowling or paintball.

The owners say they rely on contracted fire companies for recommendations, and blame them for delays fixing problems once they were revealed.

"We fully cooperated from late 2016 to early 2017 to fix all the problems and we have," says Mr Park.

But one company Newshub spoke to says it's in a dispute with Mr Kwak and court action is underway.

Meanwhile Mr Kwak says he's almost finished installing a $500,000 fire safety system. 

"This work has taken longer than I hope but I want to ensure that this process will make Sky World the safest building in New Zealand," he says.

Auckland Council says it's reviewed the latest documentation supplied by Sky World and has found some gaps. However, it hopes extra information will be supplied when the two sides meet next week.

Sky World's owners are planning to make the entertainment complex even more complex. A $20 million upgrade would see a rocket-shaped events centre built on the roof and big Time's Square-style screens outside. 

First it has a simple task - finally convincing the council to give it a WOF.