The Kiwi company helping build a suit that takes your measurements

A Kiwi tech company has joined up with a Japanese online clothing giant to create a new way of being measured for clothes.

It's called the ZoZo suit, full of wearable sensors; it means you can throw away the tape measure.

It's a fabric full of 15,000 sensors - made into a one size fits all measuring suit.

Measure, order online and hey presto.

The Zozo suit is the idea of Japanese online clothing giant Start Today and the wearable sensors that take your measurement are from a Kiwi tech company called Stretch Sense.

"Combine the best of both worlds you will get clothes that fit and you can do that with the immediacy of just jumping on line," said Stretch Sense co-founder Todd Gisby.

It's been an 11 year journey from an Auckland University Lab to this week selling part of their company for 20 million dollars. 

"For the first time we have a true mass market product based on our technology , we have got this cool cutting edge Kiwi technology soft precise stretchy sensors that we have made and now it's out there in the world," said co-founder Ben O'Brien 

The sensors are soft, stretchy and bendable, it's not called a wearable, and it's called a disappearable.

"The line that has finally been crossed is from technology being clunky to technology being so intimately integrated to what we are wearing that you don't know it's there," said Mr O'Brien 

The deal with the Japanese Clothing giant also could see Stretch Sense sold to Start Today - but that won't be the end of the product.

The founders want to target other industries like virtual reality and sports injury management.

"We feel like we are going fast but we are going to go even faster now," said Mr Gisby

But not until today's big deal has been properly celebrated in true Kiwi style, the company bought Mr Whippy for all its employees.


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