Kiwis' last-minute Christmas shopping habits revealed

  • 23/12/2017
 Kiwis' last-minute Christmas shopping habits revealed
Photo credit: File

While some may be extra-prepared for the Christmas rush, there are likely a few Kiwis waiting until the very last minute to buy their Christmas goodies.

Countdown has released a list of the popular items Kiwi shoppers left to the very end in 2016, as well as just how late some people waited. 

Pavlovas, the Kiwi classic, were one of the big last-minute items. Around 3800 were sold after 5pm on Christmas Eve last year, seven customers sprinting into stores just they closed at 11pm.

Those wanting to put strawberries on the pavlova are also chronic offenders for the last-minute dash - 17,500 customers bought theirs after 5pm on Christmas Eve, 868 after 10 pm, and nine raced at 11pm on the dot.

Perhaps some shoppers have both the strawberries and the pavlova ready, but 32 people came into the store at 11pm looking for some cream to whip.

Spare a thought for the last-minute shoppers in the gift card aisle though. On Christmas Eve, five people bought gift cards at closing time for regrettably forgotten loved ones.

It looks like most have got their shopping out of the way already, however - Christmas spending is up 4.6 percent on last year.