Meet the man behind the viral Christmas beetroot auction on Trade Me

The man behind the viral auction for a beetroot on Trade Me has revealed the story behind the unusual Christmas present to his wife.

Graeme Woller and wife Jules had agreed not to buy for each other this Christmas, but after Ms Woller reneged, he was left in need of last-minute inspiration while buying supplies at the supermarket, he told RadioLIVE.

Previously he had used a beetroot to fashion a birthday cake for his wife, following her requests for him to not get her a birthday cake and use up the excess beetroot in the fridge.

Seeing the opportunity for a similarly odd moment, Mr Woller bought a beetroot from the supermarket on Christmas Eve and tied it up with a nice red bow.

He says, upon receiving the gift, Ms Woller did not appear to get the joke, although the assembled family did.

As everyone else dissolved into fits of laughter, she looked at her husband with a face that apparently said "you know that's only funny to you".

To further the joke, Mr Woller decided to sell the beetroot on Trade Me as an unwanted Christmas gift, but he didn't expect the attention it received.

The unwanted beet has received 77 bids in three days and the bidding has surpassed $120.

One-hundred-and-five questions have been placed in the auction, including ones asking if the beetroot could be sent to Norfolk Island or if he would accept a 'buy now'.

Mr Woller says all proceeds from the sale will go to a foodbank and he has requested a photo of the beetroot with its new family.