Netsafe warns kiwis to be cyber-safe over Christmas period

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New Zealand's cyber security watchdog Netsafe is warning people to be careful with cyber security over summer, as scammers work to make a quick buck from unsuspecting Kiwi internet surfers.

Children who recently received new devices for Christmas need a close eye, with Netsafe warning parents to stay close to them.

"As exciting as it is to be able to give children devices and set them off on their way, we do need to continue to stay close to them and to manage their experiences," Netsafe CEO Martin Cocker told Newshub.

Netsafe is also warning holiday makers to be cyber-smart and avoid disclosing travel plans to the rest of the world on social media.

The cyber security watchdog said posting geotags and check-in locations on social media is risky, as it indicates a home could be vacant. 

Mr Cocker said scammers are hard at work this during the holiday period and often focus on holiday schemes to steal from travellers.

"There are a lot of scams that are focussed on holiday makers, holiday homes and things like that, so you've got to be extra cautious about those things," he said.

Netsafe warns people to be wary of cyber-traps, including festive e-cards and emails.