Unwanted Christmas gifts already for sale on Trade Me

  • 26/12/2017

Boxing Day may be the day shoppers flock to the stores to snap up bargains, but it's also increasingly become known as the day people try to flog their unwanted Christmas gifts online.

By late Boxing Day, users of Trade Me's online auction site had already posted a pair of Bose sound-proof earbuds, a Glassons giftcard and a seamless bra as "unwanted Christmas gifts" up for sale.

Unwanted Christmas gifts already for sale on Trade Me
Photo credit: Trade Me

Trade Me spokesperson Logan Mudge said lingerie, soap and self-help books were among gifts most likely to be regifted in previous years but in 2017 there could be some new items quickly sold on.

"This year we're expecting to see a few fidget spinners, along with double-ups of console games, a plethora of CDs and who knows what else."

In the past Kiwis have also opted to sell joke gifts, such as a $100 note or packet of biscuits.

This year one New Plymouth seller is hoping to take the crown for weirdest gift with an auction for an unwanted beetroot.

Another seller is trying to offload what they call a "Dancing & Singing Baby." Don't get too excited though, the item is listed as faulty due to currently being unable to sing or dance.

In a survey of 550 people conducted by Trade Me, it found 53 percent of respondents were okay with selling unwanted presents.

But be careful, because 37 percent said they would be upset if they found out their gift was sold on.