Worldwide boom for Kiwi wine

Business is booming for Kiwi winemakers.

While many smaller countries are now also developing a taste for Kiwi wine, exports have soared to $1.6 billion this year, thanks in part to a growing interest from larger countries like China. 

"China has crept up quite a bit this year," Coopers Creek vineyard director Andrew Hendry told Newshub. 

He says it's one of the many growing markets for NZ wine, along with UK, Ireland, and then USA and Canada.

A new wine industry report found that, this year, 54 million litres of wine was sold in New Zealand, while almost five times that - 254 million litres - was exported overseas.

Overall, wine exports to the UK, US and Australia have grown by 19 percent.

At Coopers Creek, the biggest export is sauvignon blanc. The team send it to 25 countries, including Russia and Romania, showing the world still has a fascination with Kiwi Sav.

Eighty percent of our total vintage comes from Marlborough, but the boom is being felt in all 10 growing regions.

Hawke's Bay is the major North Island production house. Te Mata Estate has noticed the change - it's now exporting more wine than it sells locally.

CEO Nick Buck says the best New Zealand wines "represent tremendous value for money on a world-scale and as they discover the quality, they're lapping those wines up".

And the interest in our wine has another benefit .Vineyards are opening their doors to tourists and cashing in.

"Over the summer 3-4 months, we'll get tours every day coming from cruise ships," Mr Hendry says.  

And with this warm, dry weather helping crops, it could be an even better vintage next year.