Amazon opens smart grocery store where you don't need to bring a wallet

Amazon's opened a grocery store - and it's not like any other.

For a start, there are no checkouts or cashiers at the Amazon Go store in Seattle.

All shopping is done electronically instead, through the help of smart technology.

Hundreds of cameras in the ceiling record every item you pick - and the total is simply added up and debited from the shopper's credit card.

The bill is sent to each customer's phone as soon as they leave the shop.

But despite a year of testing, the system had teething issues during its first day of business on Monday (local time).

Prior to opening, there were huge lines to enter the store.

One user also noticed they weren't charged for an item, tweeting about the experience

"I think I just shoplifted?? #AmazonGo didn't charge me for my Siggi's yogurt," she wrote.

The store also couldn't tell the difference between shoppers of a similar size and build and became confused when a naughty child moved items from one shelf to another.