Apple is replacing your dying iPhone battery super cheap

Good news, Kiwi iPhone users: Apple will replace the battery on your iPhone for just $49, even if it passes a diagnostic test that shows it's performing at above 80 percent capacity.

Ordinarily, iPhone battery replacements cost $139 out of warranty - but following revelations that Apple deliberately slows its phones to extend their life as batteries age, it has offered a cheaper service.

In an apology letter written last week, the technology company announced it would be dropping prices by nearly two-thirds for anyone with an iPhone 6 model or later. The offer is available until December 2018.

It also announced that future updates would allow iPhone users to have better visibility of the health of their battery, and will investigate other ways to avoid unexpected shutdowns.

An Apple Support team member confirmed to Newshub that battery replacements are now just $49 - just over a third of what it used to cost here - and will be available to any customers concerned about battery performance.

That is regardless of if it passes Apple's 'Genius Bar' diagnostics test - although the company does recommend updating to the latest version of iOS before assuming that an aged battery is the reason your iPhone is running slow.

Apple recommends a battery replacement only if its performance drops below the 80 percent threshold.

You can get a replacement battery simply by booking an appointment through Apple NZ, which can be done by clicking here.

Only Apple is obliged to charge no more than $49, and there is no Apple Store in New Zealand. Other retailers can charge whatever they wish for a battery replacement.