Parents hit in the pocket by the rising cost of school uniforms

Parents are being hit in the pocket by the expenses involved in children returning to school as the cost of school uniforms skyrockets.

Even at state schools, purchasing shirts, pants, shoes and all the other uniform essentials  cost a parent around $650.

In 2014, the Ministry of Social Development processed over 20,000 grants for uniforms, and now loan sharks are targeting parents with offers of high-interest back-to-school loans.

As prices rise, so do calls for schools to abandon the uniform altogether and move to a mufti model, but the Post Primary Teachers Association is not in favour of this.

"Uniforms help to build school culture and school morale. To show up with a different set of clothes every day, there can be that sort of low-level judgement," said PPTA president Jack Boyle.

"My preference would be if you're required to wear a uniform, that uniform should be free."

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